Heronwood Farm


Heronwood Farm is well known in the Thoroughbred Horse world for producing and owning some exceptional horses such as Kamar, Rubiano and Glorosia.  After breeding, racing and selling horses for 15 years and “accomplishing everything we wanted to accomplish in the horse world…” Heronwood started a new chapter.  The horses were dispersed starting in 1999 and the owners purchased 5 Alpacas, “something for the grandkids to do...”  This too was a fun and profitable venture that saw Heronwood Farm breeding and producing some of the top Alpacas in the country with hundreds of ribbons, banners and sales to prove it.  Today Heronwood doesn’t own any horses but instead boards horses, rents out the barns and is still home to a few alpaca and Tundra Swans.  Home to the Upperville Colt and Horse Show, the oldest horse show in the country, Heronwood is proud of the history of the property and its stewardship of the land.  The land that the horse show is held on was recently given to them by the owners so that it could be forever protected and always remain in its current use.  Heronwood is permanently protected from further development, not unlike most of the farms in and around Upperville, by an easement through the Virginia Outdoors Foundation.  It’s beautiful vistas, wonderful trees and history will be preserved for generations to come.             


1344 Rokeby Road Upperville, Virginia 20184 | (540) 592-3981