Heronwood Farm

Pasture Boarding

Heronwood Farm was built for Horses.  With over 500 acres of land, 20 miles of 4 board fencing, amazing barns, lush green pastures; what horse wouldn’t want to be at Heronwood?  Each horse entrusted to our care is provided with a safe environment, fresh water, great pasture and a shelter from the weather.  A very qualified person checks on each horse daily, checks the fences and gates, checks the waterers and supplies hay if needed.  If any horse needs attention, the owner is notified immediately.  When Heronwood has room for additional horses we would be more than happy to quote you rates for our care and to give you a tour of this amazing facility.           


1344 Rokeby Road Upperville, Virginia 20184 | (540) 592-3981